Pilot projects

The CURES Pilot Project Program supports the development of innovative, collaborative research projects in the environmental health sciences by providing funds that enable CURES investigators to develop sufficient preliminary data for submission of competitive extramural grant applications. The Pilot Project Program is a major mechanism for CURES to build its research capacity and to fill in gaps in research areas that are relevant to the CURES scientific focus. The Pilot Project Program also serves to encourage investigators in different disciplines to apply their research expertise to an environmental health problem, and to engage the community when addressing these issues. Investigators new to the environmental health sciences field are encouraged to apply for CURES pilot projects.

The guiding principle of CURES is to perform community-relevant research that addresses the most pressing environmental health concerns of Detroit's urban community. CURES uses input from its Community Advisory Board to inform its research priorities, and these priorities are reflected in our annual Request for Applications for Pilot Project Proposals.

Read the CURES Pilot Program RFA here

Print the CURES Pilot Project Program RFA. (PDF)

Print the CURES Pilot Project LOI Cover Page (PDF)

Review a table of CURES-funded Pilot Projects here.

To view the CURES Pilot Program RFA informational meeting, visit https://wayne-edu.zoom.us/rec/share/SIrj2_SJN3n8aKxVcambtzPz7UG2jlGvz4pEdKEWPwNK4Hw7CYi-kkDTeLcBxOxJ.xaBzopHBcnadxa2I


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