Funded Pilot Projects

CURES Funded Pilot Projects


Project Title

Joseph Caruso, Shawn McElmurry

Petcoke in an urban environment

Fei Chen, Jeffrey Howard

Detroit Soil Arsenic and Its Association with Carcinogenesis

Malcolm Cutchin, Cathy Lysack,Rich Slatcher

Daily Activities, Neighborhood Stressors, and Stress of Older African-Americans

Carmen Giurgescu, Paul Stemmer,et al.

Chronic Stressors, Proteome Profiles and Preterm Birth in African American Women

Paul Stemmer, Allen Rosenspire

Novel Exposure Signatures for Mercury Intoxication of the Immune System

Bengt Arnetz

The Interaction between Pb and Trauma on the Epigenome and Proteome in Refugees

Moriah Thomason, Douglas Ruden

Maternal Lead Exposure Alters Offspring Brain and Epigenetics Two Decades Later

Yifan Zhang, Lawrence Lemke,Weilong Hao, Shawn McElmurry, Patrick Crouch

Heavy Metals and the Development of Antibiotic Resistance in Urban Agriculture

Samson Jamesdaniel

Synergism between noise and lead in inducing hearing loss

Todd Leff, Colleen Buggs-Saxton

Does Pediatric Exposure to Lead (Pb) Increase the Risk of Diabetes?

Douglas Ruden,Mona Hanna-Attisha

Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Neonatal Blood Lead Levels of Flint Children

Tracie Baker, David Pitts,Shawn McElmurry

The use of novel assay systems to evaluate cardiac, reproductive, and neurobehavioral effects of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in aquatic model organisms

Alana Conti

Comorbidity of PTSD and Alcohol Dependence: Endocannabinoid Regulation

Wanqing Liu, Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow

Heavy Metals and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Moh Malek

Impact of Prenatal Arsenic Exposure on Offspring Skeletal Muscle Metabolism

Paul Stemmer, Judy Westrick

Microcystin Toxicity is Increased by Underlying Liver Disease and Obesity

Moriah Thomason, Christopher Trentacosta

Prenatal temporal dynamics in heavy metal exposure & longitudinal fetal and child neurodevelopment

Tracie Baker, Yongli Zhang

The Occurrence of Microplastics in Drinking Water and the Consequential Impact on Human Health

James Granneman, Elizabeth Rondini

Impact of obesogens on developmental programming of white adipose tissue in mice

Linda Hazlett

Airborne Particulates, Ocular Surface Stress and Infection

Kezhong Zhang, Lawrence Grossman

Air Pollution-induced Diabetes: Dysregulation of Energy Homeostasis by Disruption of Mitochondria and ER Associated Membrane

Jennifer Straughen, Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow

Intrauterine origins of autism spectrum disorder: impact of exposure to metals

Tracie Baker, Shawn McElmurry, Nancy Love

Impact of changes in drinking water quality on gut microbiome

Rodrigo Fernandez-Valdivia, Carol Miller, Mala Hettiarachchi

Decoding PFAS Exposure in Cancer Initiation and Progression

Douglas Ruden, Daniel Rappolee

Effects of Phthalates on Epigenetic Reprogramming of Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs)

Marianna Sadagurski, Ulrike Klueh

Benzene exposure promotes neuroinflammation and metabolic dysregulation

Jennifer Straughen, Yalei Chen

Bridging exposure to BTEX and preterm birth in African Americans: the role of DNA methylation

Christopher Kassotis

Enhanced Metabolic Disruption from Co-Exposures to Organic and Inorganic Pollutants

Izabela Podgorski

Effects of PFAS exposure on bone microenvironment: implications for bone-metastatic prostate cancer

Carol Miller

Exploring Mechanisms and Pathways of VOC Migration Beneath Detroit's Neighborhoods: Implications for Vapor

Wanqing Liu and Michael Petriello

PFAS and Liver Injuries at Different Developmental Stages: A Genomic Approach

Jen Straughen and Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow

Maternal inflammation and environmental toxicants: investigating the associations and needs of Detroit women

Hilary Marusak Effects of urban air pollution on neurodevelopmental markers of anxiety risk during adolescence
Paul Stemmer and Heather Gibson Individual Determinants of Mercury-Induced Disease Identified Using the Diversity Outbred Mouse Model
Jiahui Ding
Impact of maternal benzene exposure on fetal lung immune adaptation
Michael Petriello and Richard Pilsner PFAS mixtures disrupt sperm methylation and increase cardiometabolic disease risk in offspring
Christopher Kassotis Cardiometabolic health consequences of artificial turf-associated contaminants
Francesca Luca Single cell genomic analysis of PFAS and inflammation among older African American adults
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