CURES member Dr. Sadagurski receives NIEHS grant based on CURES pilot project

Dr. Marianna Sadagurski, a member of CURES, has been awarded a new NIEHS R01 grant. The grant, "Benzene Exposure Promotes Neuroinflammation and Metabolic Dysregulation," will delve into the impact of environmental benzene exposure on metabolic disease development using a mouse model (R01ES033171, Project Period: 4/01/22 – 1/31/27, Total Costs: $2.1 million).

This award is an extension of the CURES pilot grant received in 2019 by Dr. Sadagurski in collaboration with fellow CURES member Dr. Klueh. The pilot project played a crucial role in providing preliminary data for the grant's success. Additionally, Dr. Kezhong Zhang, a CURES member and an expert in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress response, is an investigator on this R01.

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