Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core

Aim 1: Coordinate Access to Technologies and Resources. The IHSFC serves to facilitate CURES investigator access to the biostatistical support, researchers, techniques, equipment, and data sets needed to develop productive research. We advise on the conceptualization, design and curated resources focused on urban health through the expertise of our leadership, and a host of partnerships within and beyond CURES.

Aim 2: Facilitate Team Response. IHSFC facilitates CURES Team Science by helping build partnerships, aid in communication of team goals and working to improve environmental health intelligence through Team Science principles. We help identify and coordinate CURES responses to NIEHS funding opportunities as well as support the CEC in characterizing community-identified environmental issues to ensure we are advancing our goals in a manner that acknowledges the goals and value of our community partnerships.

Aim 3: Achieve Functional Translational Integrations. IHSFC provides avenues for CURES researchers to translate their existing research activities to further explore and achieve application, implementation and impact of CURES EHS. We facilitate the building of narratives, incorporation of translational opportunities and achievement of translational integrations. Data-driven developed exploration, interpretation, novel hypothesis generation, and communication of results will evolve the program from basic science to population studies and community accountability and service.                                                                                   

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IHSFC New Development: MIDAS Platform

The innovative CURES Multifactorial Integrative Design Analytic System is an Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) providing spatial analysis & data analytics; Access to public data sets and shared CURES data repositories; and Report Back capabilities including dashboarding and publicly facing website and StoryMaps support.

For more information on the capabilities of Enterprise GIS, see here.

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Our Team:

Co-Leaders: Richard Pilsner, PhD; Graham Parker, PhD; Samiran Ghosh, PhD

IHSFC Coordinator: Jessica Worley          

Funded by NIEHS EHS Core Center Grant #P30ES020957

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Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors